Although we studied and discussed them separately for the most part, crime, violence, and criminal justice have often been found to overlap and intersect with notions of human sexuality. For example, on a global scale, hate crimes are known to often target individuals who have sexual lifestyles that are in the minority and also well-underrepresented. Human trafficking for the purposes of enslavement and soliciting sex in urban centers is also very common. Prostitution, which most commonly  involves young women and children, has also been identified as a "victimless" crime, especially among those who are not coerced to in the business, thus forcing many to ask if it should be legalized or not. Rape is also often used as weapon of war, control or domination, exemplifying that human bodies are no different than territories and lands that can be violated, mutilated, conquered, and owned. Vulnerable populations have been found to be intentionally injected with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as syphilis or HIV/AIDS.

Consider how human sexuality, crime, violence, and criminal justice overlap in the context of social problems. What kind(s) of social problem(s) come to mind? What forces exist within society that allow such social problems to exist? What has been done to address the issue? Is there anything that is left to be done? If so, what do you think should be done? How can education play a role in addressing this social problem? Or is the spread and growth of this social problem inevitable? If so, how so? 

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Concepcion Tyler
11/12/2011 02:17:27

Prostitution and Human Trafficking are all under crime and violence. Some people are forced, especially with the term of "pimping" somebody out. Many women are raped and sexually abused; some just for being innocent. Thankfully, they put some of these reports out onto the news to warn people but i feel as if they're not doing as much as they can to prevent it. They're more worried about murders and they dont realize that people commit suicide over things like this and the criminals sometimes even do the killing. They dont pay enough attention to it unless it happens more than once by the same person and they really need to make sure to prevent it before it happens a second time. I, myself, havent seen that much addressed.
Education can really make you think about everything and really open your eyes to how bad a situation is, that you werent really paying attention to before. The more people that take awareness to the situation, the more we can all stand up to fight it and prevent it.

Rodney Washington
11/12/2011 13:38:38

Considering how human sexuality, crime, violence, and criminal justice overlap in the context of social problems, social problems that come to my mind are how the world is over sexualized today. I’m only 21 years old and most people my age believe its okay for sex to be EVERYWHERE. I disagree with this. I guess maybe I’m a bit “old school’ when it comes to sex but I think that sex should just be a topic between the people who are engaging in it. I’m not saying that its anything wrong with kissing in public are show some kind of affection, what I’m saying the problem is when people feel the need to exploit their sexual acts to the public and talking about it like its common. As far as the media and sexuality, I think that’s its gone too far. Everything you see on television and hear on the radio involves sex. Once again, I don’t think its anything wrong with it, but people feel the need to be open about everything sexual rather than keep it only between their partners or close friends. Sex can also lead to crimes. For example, when one becomes a sex addict, they need it 24/7, and when they come across someone who looks vulnerable, they snap. In class on Thursday I was pleased to hear about the female condom that would basically punish the offender! I think this is a moving-forward process with sex crimes, which is a major social problem. Sex education I believe should be taught as early as middle school. Sex now days is more common than drugs in the media which means kids will find about it at an early age. Having this class offered as a requirement will dramatically increase sex knowledge among future adults. This spread and grown of sex can be tamed. For example, at an early age I grew up watching provocative music video that involved a lot of sex, but I turned out to be well educated about it because of my parents. My point is that teaching children at an early age about sex will help them out in the future.

Larai Umaru
11/14/2011 05:41:32

Human sexuality, crime, violence, and criminal justice are all variables for social problems. The media is usually the first entity blamed for the myriad of sexual images that are constantly displayed. The constant perpetuation of sex equals popularity can be seen on reality shows and scripted television. It is very important that parents oversee all aspects of a childs education and entertainment, especially with regards to mass media. When proper parenting is absent, then that child becomes society's problem. Many children are neglected or abused and left to their own devices as they enter puberty. As one approaches adulthood, they become less interested in the idea of morals, and values and thus begining a deviant desire to satify ones self especially if someone else becomes their victim. I believe that there are so many children that have been psychologically and emotionally damaged, that by time they reach their late teens, they are on a downward spiral. This is a sad fact of life. The government can't very well know what is going on the homes of it's citizens, therfore, teachers, couselors, and doctors all have to work in concert to protect our children. Young victims can become the very adult criminals that we will come to fear. There are many programs that are designed to help rehabilitate criminals, but in many cases, serveral victims have been raped, beaten, or murdered by then. I think the only way we can change the social problems in our society is if we start working to protect, nurture, educate, and love our children. If one does not learn to love our (society's) children, they will soon become our enemies.

Kinley Bunting
11/14/2011 08:14:52

The biggest and most talked about social problems that come to mind are Gay marriage and abortion. I connect abortion through crime and violence because when a woman is raped or is coerced into having sex and get’s pregnant then she should have the right to get an abortion if she chooses. Also other social problems that come to mind are hate crimes committed against homosexuals and transgendered people. Though in these cases if the perpetrator is caught he is charged with a hate crime and can go to prison.

I feel that the reason that these crimes exist can be connected to bigotry, religious views and just flat out intolerance of others. I believe in 2009 President Obama and Congress passed the Mathew Shepard Act, which was enacted after the murder of Mathew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. According to an Editorial in the NY Times the act would “…for the first time, extend federal hate-crimes law to give substantive coverage to gay people” (2009, p. A28)

There is a lot more that I feel needs to be done to protect individuals from hate crimes and to protect a persons right to choose how they live there life, especially when it effects no one else. I feel that education through acceptance and understanding is the key to addressing these social problems. However, I feel that needs to first be directed at adults and then to the children since a lot of what I child learns happens in the home. The government can pass all the laws they want but until the population learns to accept others then nothing will progress. I don’t feel that it is inevitable but it won’t be stopped until more is done to prevent it from spreading.

Editorial. (2009, May 6). Mathew Shepard Act. The New York Times, p. A28

Nadja Bruskin
11/14/2011 12:45:27

Sexuality and crime go together a lot in many different scinaroes. I will look at Hermain Cain sexually assaulting women as a way to talk about sexuality and crime. The Herman Cain stuff shows that women are getting listened to more when it comes to sexual assault. It still is very hard for a lot of women to be taken seriously though because this culture is into blaming the victim but that is changing some. Ways that it is changing is the slut walk. I don’t agree with the use of the word slut as some empowerment thing but I do stand behind them in their cause. The slut walk was brining attention to the victim blaming way of the culture that allows for permissiveness when it comes to sexual assault of women. This is an example of a grass roots organization that went global and helped expose a real problem. There is an online forum called hollaback were women come and put their various assualters online with video or just describing the incident. This network of women who can see who is acting sketchy and is a way for them to listen to each other and get acknowledgement from other women that what they experienced is real. This is a great tool to help combat this example of crime and sexuality because it unities women who have been sexually harassed and gives the ability to help women in the community and get some justice by putting their harassers online and helps them feel empowered and not helpless to their experience.

Stephon Green
11/14/2011 23:54:42

Sexuality, violence and crime can overlap under a certain context and become a social problem. The most common way that they overlap is through the social problem of Prostitution. Men are willing to pay for sexual gratification and women are willing to be the source of the gratification for the pay. Sometimes deals go wrong and there ends up being a violent confrontation. Sometimes the parties involved are not clean and as a result STI's are transmitted that can result in poor health or death. Society does not allow this practice but there are many ways of living in society that lead to this. Many young girls grow up in a poverty stricken family with limited resources and as result they will do anything for quick cash. Many girls are molested and sexually abused and as a result have not sense of precaution or inhibition for sex, especially if it can get them paid. Most of the time they aren't educated and thus are unable to get a good job. They are unaware of the health risks involved and thus do not care. They are coerced by a pimp and are threatened by violence and tempted by financial opportunities. A good way to combat this would be heavier patrol of the streets, and harsh sentences for pimps. Shelters that provide not only a good place to live but that also allows visits from employment agencies and welfare benefits. The women also need to be educated on the risks that they are taking with their actions. Good shelter and opportunities that allow them to make different choices and proper education is exactly what is needed to keep them off the streets and safe from harm's way. Having former prostitutes come in and share their stories at high schools may also be effective in demonstrating the overall danger and negativity of prostitution.

Fraol Bejiga
11/15/2011 04:44:51

There are many problems in regards to human sexuality, crime violence, and criminal justice. Gender inequality, forcible rape, hate crime against transgender, pornography, teenage pregnancy, abortion, prostitution, and sex tourism are some of the social problems that come to one’s mind as we relate sexuality with crime and violence. I believe society itself is the cause of these societal problems. Culture, religious doctrines, the media, poverty, lack of education, and individual’s personal perspectives all play a crucial role in creating and developing these problems in today’s society. Governments have enacted laws against most of the crimes that arise as a result of human sexuality. But I personally believe this is not enough. We should make a fundamental change in society‘s attitude towards these issues. I don’t think these will happen by telling individuals that they would be imprisoned if they happen to be found in such behaviors, but addressing and educating the society about the causes and the effects of the actions. It might take lots of energy, time, and money but we, as a society, could combat and eliminate these social problems. For example, according to the Ministry of Health Of Uganda, effective public education campaigns helped to reduce the number of people living with HIV and AIDS in the 1990s. The median HIV prevalence among pregnant women in Uganda was reduced from 30% in 1992 to 10% in 2000. This is a proof of how education can change a society. Schools have responsibilities in educating young kids about safe sex and sexuality as a whole. The criminal justice system has also responsibilities to protect women and transgender from crime.
Source: HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, STD/AIDS Control Programme, Ministry of Health, Uganda, June 2001

Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson
11/15/2011 05:09:08

Human sexuality, crime violence,and criminal justice are all social problems. The biggest one to me is human sexuality. There are many problems regarding human sexuality whether it is sexually transmitted infections/diseases, sexual abuse, rape, or sex trafficking. Human trafficking, rape, and sexual abuse connect with crime violence because it is committing a crime in a sexual or violent way.

Sex education is a big issue in my opinion. Although schools have been educating students about sex, teens are still having unprotected sex. Like the article we read last class, the information students receive goes through one ear and out the other. This is really concerning and people need to keep in mind the consequences of unprotected sex. I think to keep educating students will be beneficial and rather then telling kids to not have sex, tell them that if they are they need to use protection and the benefits of using that protection. Schools should also educate student on not just sex but sexual violence. People should know what to do or how to help themselves if they are involved in that. This reminds of the female condom we talked about last class. I was impressed by it and told a lot of my friends about it.

Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson
11/15/2011 05:11:51

I think the female condom was a step in the right direction. I also think the more we spread information about these issues, the more they can be resolved.

surafel A Reta
11/15/2011 09:47:55

When we think about human sexuality, crime,violence and criminal laws and measures in the context of social problems,we will come across a great deal of over lap with other prominent social problems such as poverty,gender inequality ,ethnic/race inequality and so forth. It becomes an even bigger problem when this type of intersectionality occurs.Some of these problems include rape,hate crimes, human trafficking, prostitution,health issues such as STIs and many other problems. Although there are international as well as government laws out there which set out to protect the vulnerable members of society which are often subjected to these social problems , they often fail to do so. The main reason for this is that we are not addressing the underlying social problems that go along with it. For example if we provided educational opportunities for women they wouldn't be in a situation where they have to go out on the streets and be subjected to various things such as prostitution and rape.For example the situation in South Africa where women use female condoms to prevent rape , although it might address the immediate problem it also shows how the government instead of solving the real problem has resorted into quick fixes. For example the South African government can increase the people's awareness on the issue and put more police forces on the streets and in a way challenge this idea that rape is something that is more likely to happen to a South African woman.

Chun Yung
11/15/2011 10:04:44

Those social problems are trafficking, rape, prostitution, and sexual harassment. The role of media affect the appearance of those crimes, for those movies and novel affect what we think. If the movie content violence and sex, people will learn it after they watch it. In addition, the role of personality built will affect the appearance of crimes. The family history and living environment affect how a person growth. If a family is poor, the daughter might need to have prostitution to earn money for living. The government has punishment, such as jail time to punish people who admitted those crimes. Furthermore, the government has some programs to help those poor people. For example, they have funding for poor students and let them have enough money for higher education. It can let poor students to change their lives. The government should send more social worker to the society to know what situation in the society is, so the government would know what programs they should host to help those people in the society. Education plays a big role to address the social problem. Teenagers are the future of our society, so teaching teenagers for preventing those social problems is important. Knowing the problems early can address and solve it early, so the education is important. If we can solve the situation early, the problem is not inevitable. The problem will become smaller and smaller if we in charge the problem more early.

Ron Rollins
11/15/2011 11:04:04

Human sexuality is a given. We all have that choice to make in regards to our sexuality, that is to be heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. We then have the choice of deciding how to behave sexually that is, celibacy, monogamy, or promiscuous. Unfortunately, their are social problems that are derived form such a dynamic. Acceptance, meaning what is right and wrong, according to norms, laws, and religious beliefs ignites one social problem. A societies norms, laws, and religious beliefs typically reign as the dominant culture of living. Therefore, when the choice is made that puts one in the minority they're now open for criticism and sanction in some case violently. In cases of violence societies, in order to instill social order, created a justice system for enforcement and punishment.Economics also ignites a social problem in regards to human sexuality. Prostitution and human enslavement are intended to make money by means of sexual fulfillment. The imbalance of wealth, the affluent and the deprived, breeds the desire by the have nots to seek means, even if deemed deviant in nature, for profiting. Once again social order is in need thus the justice system. These issues clearly overlap almost seem to be cyclical in nature and can maybe be viewed as inevitable. Education, stronger moral codes, and a balance of wealth I see as a few ways to combat these issues.

Wendy Maxwell
11/15/2011 12:28:57

Human Trafficking (sex slaves), prostitution, sex abuse, and rapes are just a few examples of social problems that arise with the overlap of human sexuality, crime, violence, and criminal justice.
Society feeds into these crimes through domestic violence, drugs, hatred and racism, and the idea of "it's bound to happen anyways, so why get involved in stopping it?" In the case of sex slavery, however, if everyone got involved locally and globally, human trafficking would be gone in about 25 years. We outlawed black slavery and fought for their freedom (and won), so... why can't we do the same for all slaves?
There is a lot that can still be done, and some that has already been done, but not enough has yet been done. In the case of abuse and sex slaves, there needs to be more education. Many people don't even realize that slavery still exists. Slavery is quickly becoming the world's biggest problem, with over 27 million slaves in the world today—more than ever before in history. Hundreds of these slaves are trafficked in the Washington, DC area, especially women and children for the sex trade. When you think of modern-day slavery, people often assume someone is talking about Africa or China, but even in the Washington, DC area, there are problems with slavery every day. For example, there was an internet sex ring busted in Washington, DC, near Wheatley Recreation Center, where a couple were forcing victims as young as 14 to perform sex acts. The women were beaten if they refused and many of them were given drugs. Also, more states and DC need to pass laws about the eradication of modern-day slavery. While several states across the US, including Maryland, have passed anti-slavery laws, the District of Columbia has yet to do so.
In the case of abuse, there needs to be more self-awareness and an education on why and how abuse is wrong and what it is (eg: what are some of the signs that people are being abused?). There also needs to be stronger, stricter laws on abuse and domestic violence, as well as for rapes.

Aljahai Henley
11/15/2011 12:29:17

Sexuality is a part of being human.Unfortunately, it is used as a tool in many mediums including media, religion, etc, being vilified and glorified at the same time. This in turn contributes to several social problems. Glorification of a promiscuous lifestyle on television and music in turn contributes to many being promiscuous in life, engaging in unsafe sex which may add to the HIV/AIDS problem if one becomes infected. These people were not shown the downside, what can happen if you lead such a lifestyle, until it's too late and they are grappling with the consequences. In war torn nations, many cultures live by the philosophy that "to destroy a nation you must destroy it's women." This involves the raping of women and children, using it as a tool to undermine another group of people. Prostitution and human trafficking are not dealt with as they should be. Many governments turn a blind eye to prostitution, not realizing the causes for why many of these girls are doing this. Situations such as poverty and being coerced lead many women to lead many to engage in such a lifestyle. If more leaders took a stance in educating the public about these things, helping those who are victims of such crimes, maybe we can stem the rate of these crimes

Hawaya Abby
11/15/2011 12:39:42

Human sexuality, crime, violence, and criminal justice are all social problems; they can all be tied together. I think human sexuality is the bigger social problem because it can easily connect with the other social problems addressed earlier, which include sex trafficking, rape, molestation, hate crimes, teenage pregnancy, prostitution, etc. The media plays a big part of the blame, with today’s society, especially in the U.S. our culture is very over-sexualized, sex it everywhere and is the norm, I believe that has a direct correlation as to why we have such a problem today. An example would be MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, a show that showcases 16year olds with kids, its basically glamorizing teenage pregnancy. Now girls see a way of becoming “famous” and getting paid thousands of dollars to be pregnant. There have been things to address the problem, such as the government setting laws for prostitution, rape crimes, human trafficking. The media could try to regulate what shows are appropriate for certain age groups, but most importantly parents have to monitor their kids and talk to them. Let them know what’s wrong and what isn’t.
Education plays a huge role in addressing these social problems because the more you’re informed, then there’s more of a chance that things might change. Having health classes that talk about sexually transmitted infections/diseases inform the students so they can make better decisions. Self-defense classes help you learn how to defend yourself in the case of being sexually assaulted. By educating people on human trafficking it will keep people informed and let them know that it’s going on and they should take notice/action. The more educated you are on something the more you will be able to make safer decisions and help make a change.

Rebecca Odukoya
11/15/2011 12:46:02

Issues such as rape, human trafficking, and prostitution are all social problem that fall under human sexuality, crime, violence, and criminal justice overlap in the context of social problems. These issues raise social problem all over society affecting us directly and indirectly. All though these are all horrible things i feel as if the government may over look it at time just because it brings in money to our economy. Like we discussed in class today the government spends a substantial amount of money on illegal drugs. Do they know what these drugs are doing the the every day people of society? Yes. But why should they stop it if its helping our economy continue in rotation? Human trafficking is a horrible social problem that we have to face the reality of. Young children boys and girls and adult women are forced into this horrific lifestyle. I do not have a solution for this social problem but i do feel every bit of sympathy for the people placed in these situations.

Jacklyn Njoya
11/15/2011 12:54:49

In the midst of my insomnia, I recently had the pleasure of watching re-runs of "Our America" on the OWN network. One episode in particular consumed my attention. Host Lisa Lang came to our nations capital to observe the influx of human trafficking, especially among young women (ages 8-17). Not only does this pose as a social issue of human sexuality, though crime and violence seems to be a daily routine for each of these ladies.

These women are coaxed into lives of chaos by being buttered up by pitiful men,who can care less about their lively hood - it all boils down to making a profit off of their bodies. Prostitution is one of the oldest tricks in the book, for sex is something desired by most, especially in a submissive sense. Women working within the human trafficking industry often are left with no choice, and are led into a life that falls short of its promises. Pimps mentally and emotional abuse these women with, absolutely, no remorse. As human beings, we have certain drives that fuel us. For example, if a female does not proceed perform a certain sexual act, a pimp can be fueled with anger. As result, he mistreats her..and in some cases, this female may not live to see another day.

I honestly feel that our society has grown to accept this pattern of abnormal sexuality, crime, [as well as] violence simply because we've desensitized ourselves to sexual nature as a whole. With exploitation of sex lurking in every corner, prostition has also fit in to become a social norm. Brothels. Sex talk hotlines. Late night televsion; you name it, and we as a society have accepted these twisted acts of 'sexual expression'. And, unfortunately, some have turned a blind eye to those selling their bodies..feeling that they are the ones to have chosen their paths. Though why point a misguided finger?..

In my opinion, not much has been done to address the issue of human trafficking - for some looking for these sexual acts may be the same individuals creating our laws. If anything, these women are punished far worse than their abusers. Human trafficking may pose as an inevitable social issue simply because not much criminal justice has been done to protect these women. Why should K Street NW be one of the areas in this country with an abundance of prostitution if it's a skip away from the White House?! Nonsense.

For generations to come, we must educate young women about the dangers of selling their bodies. Yes, women from all ranges take this route for different reasons (i.e., poverty, abuse, or merely the rush..), though it also boils down to self confidence. If our society's health care programs [within schools] drilled self confidence and love into young women, I am sure we'd see some sort of change within decades. Although it may be slight, many lives would prosper.

Jacklyn Njoya
11/15/2011 12:55:27


I apologize for not making it to class this evening >.<

Robel G. Beyene
11/15/2011 12:59:31

The type of social problems that come to mind is sex trafficking, rape and prostitution. The forces that causes these problems are poverty and drugs. Law reinforcement and governments creating laws against it. education can help because people wouldn't even think about having sex with a prostitute if the are likely to have STI's

mydiem le
11/15/2011 15:38:43

Within everything there will alwaYs be violence and sexuality is not an exception. Although different people find their sexuality as something that makes them happy, the rest of society might not have the same viewpoints. A social problem that comes to mind are hate crimes and negative attitudes against gay/lesbian couples and also the crimes in the human trafficing industry. People forget that protestutes are also human beings and made a decision to do what they do. They know the risk and dangers of it. Yes, their job is looked down upon and not accepted by society, but if nobody was to pick them up and pay for their services then prostitution wouldn't be such a big industry around the world. So instead of only blaming and stopping the prostitues, the johns should be the ones who should be focused on more. No johns, no prostitutes, no more hate crimes against them because their wouldn't be any.The hate crimes against differnent couples are not limited to only gay/lesbian couples but also interacial couples and couples who are far apart in age. With these examples it shows that inequality is still a major issue and proves that society still has certain expectations of how they see people and expects a man should be with a woman, an ideal couple must be the same race, and ones mate should be around the same the same age group as the other. With these expectations not being met, therefore brings forth certain hate crimes. Although throughout the years society has become more tolerant of ones different sexualities, they are just simply tolerating it and not fully excepting it. We can educate the people as much as we can about stopping the violence Nd hate crimes against sexuality. We can also educate as much as we want everywhere in schools and media about equality, but that doesn't mean we can stop the education of inequality..because that is everywhere as well.

Hawanya Jones
11/16/2011 08:02:07

I find that the spread of HIV is social problem. I don't believe that media promotes enough awareness of this disease. There are so many people that are very uneducated on HIV and some don't have a clue at all. I find people with HIV to be discrimnated against a lot because of the lack of knowledge and ignorance of people. Sex education needs to put back into schools allowing young children to be aware of this disease. I think the more educated we become the less ignorance will be displayed. There needs to be a better plan of action when people come in to get tested but never even return to get their result. This causes the spread of HIV to become even greater.


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