Alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, and other addictive substances were the focus of discussion for this week. For this blog assignment, you are expected to answer four questions after watching three segments from the documentary "The Truth About Drugs" created by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. The video segments and questions for the blog assignment are posted below for your kind information. The purpose of this blog assignment is to understand the influence of media in addressing social problems and issues such as alcohol or drug abuse.

Please watch BOTH of these segments:
Please also choose ONE of the following segments to watch: 
After watching the introduction, one of the drug/substance segments and the conclusion from above, please make sure to respond to the following questions:
  1. In addition to the intro. and conclusion segments, which segment did you choose to watch and why?
  2. What do you think the message(s) or purpose (positive and/or negative) of these segments was?
  3. Do you think the message(s) and/or purpose was/were delivered effectively? If so, how so? If not, why not?
  4. What potential influence or impact (positive and/or negative) might these segments have on the audience?

***Your response (blog post) to this blog above is required by Tuesday, November 22, 2011  at 11:59 p.m.***
Gary Stevenson
11/22/2011 00:28:02

I choose to to watch the alcohol segment. I kind of think that alcohol was one of the two last bad things I was doing to my body. But just like all the other drugs that I took I did not have a problem stopping once I decided to do so. That not to say that I did not get into some trouble when I did drink, but I was lucky a few times from doing something that could have been tragic to someone else. But after my daughter was killed by a drunk driver I started o think how that could have been me driving that car. the consiquencies shook me into reaility and I quit. The person that was involved got 12 years for mansluhgter and I did not think it as enough. So I thought I was lucky and quit. I think the massage is a positive one. people who have used these drugs are telling you what it is like good and bad. But like most things people most of the time have to try things for themselves before they get the picture. I think the massage was clear, but thats because I have been there done that. But for most of us I believe something else has to occur before people get the massage clear enough to stop or not start at all. The potential influence I think is that atleast the audience has a warning, they kwow the potential effects or concequncies that may follow if they decide to endulge. At the least they cant say they did'ent know if something did occur after watching these segments.

Kinley Bunting
11/22/2011 15:23:59

I choose to watch the alcohol segment because when you’re in college alcohol can play a big part in your life, and there is always going to be a draw to it and without being careful it can consume you. I felt that the message/purpose was positive because it showed how addiction could come in many different ways and that there is no one universal sign that you are addicted or how you become addicted. The message was real because each person told us their full story about how it affected them and how they came to realization that they needed to change. I do feel that the message/purpose of the segment was delivered affectively because the situation that the segment put you in where real. It wasn’t just a bunch of possible out comes but where stories from people who lived them and I felt that is a very effective way of delivering a message because you could see their pain and almost feel it, but it also with the stories facts where included as well. The potential influence I feel will be positive in that the audience is exposed to real people and their experiences. I would hope that the segment would make people think about lessening the amount of alcohol they were to drink and to understand the effects it will have on them. I feel the segment will make people more aware of the risks and that addiction has many faces.

Robel G. Beyene
11/23/2011 03:56:39

1.) I chose to watch the one about marijuana because it was a very controversial drug. I have seen videos and heard from people that it helps to kill cancer and that there are more half benefits them problems associated with the drug.

2.) The main message(s) was that no drug can take away your problems but mask them to create more.

3.) I think it kind of was delivered some what effectively because they were using scare tactics to influence the audience, by stating that marijuana will make them use other types of drugs. Personally what I got from this segment is that if you have problems and no self control whats so ever, don't do drugs period.

4.) The potential influence or impact is that marijuana is bad for you because it can ultimately cause you to do other extreme drug from that first high. It also talks about running away from your problems through drugs can be detrimental to you, your body, and the people around you.

Fraol Bejiga
11/23/2011 20:04:40

I chose to watch the alcohol segment because I have lost people very important in my life because of addiction. Moreover, I have observed many divorces and conflicts in families due to alcohol addiction. According to Macionis (2010), The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence has put the total cost of alcoholism in the U.S. to be $275 billion a year.(p.215). This really affects each individual’s life and the economy of the country as a whole. I see the purpose of the video positively because the alcohol addicts have tried to convey an important message by sharing their own personal experiences. They have effectively delivered their message. Most of the addicts started alcohol as a result of fun and peer pressure. They didn’t see the deadly effect behind it. The addicts are teaching others not to be easily fooled without knowing the effects. In addition to this, they are using a good method to approach the audience. Most people try to reduce the effect of alcohol in our society only by helping addicts recover. Unlike this approach, this video tries to reduce the consequence of alcohol by teaching people not to get into addiction in the first place. Even though, these video doesn’t have the power to force people no to use alcohol
Source: Macionis, John. 2010. Social Problems. New Jersey. Pearson Education Inc,

Larai Umaru
11/23/2011 20:18:02

I chose to watch the video on inhalants. I have always been aware of huffing but I have not heard actual users talk about the high or the low. I think it sends a clear positive message that huffing is very harmful. Some people have died instantly after inhaling a chemical substance. People need to know that it is not a fun way to past time or to get high and enjoy yourself; it can lead to serious medical issues. This is very scary because these products are in homes and business everywhere. Parents need to be aware of huffing right along with other drug use. The ease of access really makes huffing a disturbing issue that we need to be proactive about. I think the audience will feel well informed about how harmful huffing can be. Since knowledge is power, there is no doubt that these segments could very well save a person's life.

Hawanya Jones
11/23/2011 21:21:52

I choose to watch the video on cocaine because it seems to be the drug that destroys so many lives in a instance.
I think the message was that cocaine can and will destroy your life even after the very first time you try it. It was a positive message to people who may one day be influenced by others to try this drug. Which causes you to think about nothing in life but getting high.
I believe the message was delivered very effectively. Because the people who was speaking has already been through what someone may be already going through or even thought about trying this type of drug. They talked about the effects this type of drug have on your life, your family, your children, your job etc...
The potential positive impact that this segment have on the audience is how this type of drug or any drug for that matter can change your life in a instance you can go from good to bad and then worse. It lets the audience hear first hand how people have gone through something someone they know may be going through and how drugs can truly effect a persons ability to function normally.

surafel reta
11/23/2011 23:06:18

I watched the video on prescription drugs. The main reason I chose to watch it is because that it has not been given that much attention when it clearly is a very serious problem. What stood out the most from segment is that fact that anyone can get prescription drugs very easily. This in part a reflection of current trends in treating psychological problems, doctors prefer to write prescriptions than to engage in a costly psychotherapy sessions. Insurance companies also promote this approach since it is very cost effective for them. In the segment some of the individuals talked about how they faked symptoms of depression or anxiety to get these drugs. I believe this is one of the biggest factors contributing abuse of prescription drugs.We have to limit the availability of prescription drugs in order to decrease the problem. I believe the segment was very educational and shows that being an addict is something that can happen to anyone. The fact that so many of the individuals were young gives an idea of what the consequences of using prescription drugs can be.

Hawaya Abby
11/23/2011 23:51:04

1. I chose to watch the segment on marijuana because so many people tend to justify marijuana as not a drug, and that its all natural therefore it doesn't hurt you. So many people defend it, or don't consider it anything serious so i wanted to learn more about it and why it can be dangerous.

2. The main purpose was to show how marijuana is a very dangerous drug and is a start to many more hardcore drugs. Marijuana is a "gateway drug" People who start off using marijuana tend to get into more heavier drugs in the future. You build a tolerance for marijuana and because of that you don't get high anymore, so you look for more hardcore drugs.

3. I believe the message was delivered efficiently, because they had real life stories the audience could connect to. They used scare tactics to make sure people don't use drugs.

4. The potential influence these segments would have on the audience would be a positive one, because it's helping you understand the danger of drugs on a personal level. Because of that the audience can relate and connect more, and eventually they'll realize that drugs are bad for you. Even marijuana can potentially very dangerous for you because it might possibly lead to much harder drugs and eventually lead to one's downfall.


Lisa D
11/28/2011 20:56:09

1. The segment I chose to watch was The Truth About Marijuana because I know A LOT of people who smoke weed and act like its not a harmful drug. These people smoke it three or more times a day and argue that they aren't addicted, which I find ridiculous!! So watching this and getting more information about the drug would help support my argument that weed is as harmful as any other drug and that it is addictive.

2. The messages given in this presentation are supposed to show people that it is indeed a harmful drug and it does affect people's lives whether they are aware of it or not.

3. The message wasn't delivered in the best way. It was good that they had a lot of people who were affected by the drug to tell their stories, but it shouldn't have been what the whole video consisted of. They should have had a lot more scare tactics, like images of people after the drug, pictures involving accidents that had off being high off of the drug, and a lot more hardcore facts that would leave some people shocked. I know that the people who I know that use the drug would watch the video and just laugh. It really wouldn't "scare" them out of using the drug.

4. Continuing from the previous question, I don't think it will have much of an effect as if they were to use more scare tactics in the video. The people who used the drugs sharing their stories was great, but the video needs more for people to really know and be afraid to try/continue the drug.

chun yung
11/30/2011 14:30:57

i would choose the alcohol segment for the additional pick. It is because college lives is one of the big part in a person life. A student might change their goal, target, and personality when he is in college. It is important to prevent them change to the dark side when students are in college. The purpose of these segments are they want to prevent drugs and alcohol come to college and society. They want to prevent all these events happen, and they want to build a no drug society. They use the scare tactics to let people know the bad effect of drugs to body. When people see it, and they will afraid of the result. They might not try to take any drugs, and It will lower the chance of people taking new drugs. People might quit drugs because of the video.In my opinion, the messages send effectively. It is because they use examples for the reader. For example, they use someone who have drugs abuse before. They should add more image or video for the bad result of drugs, so people would more scare of the drugs. The video is good for the audiences, but the important thing is how to let more people know about this video. How to promote a good health planning is difficult

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